3rd April 2020
Home workstation under covid-19 outbreak

Are you working from home because of Covid-19?

I have joined the many working remotely from home for my office job. This might be the new normal for a while, so it is important […]
1st March 2019

Back hurting?

Not to worry, if it is a muscular cramp, it will pass by itself. Therapy can be used to soothe it, look why it happened and […]
5th October 2018
Cold: Woman with face wrapped in a scarf

When a Cold Is Good News And What To Do When It Hits

  I have a cold. I am feeling rough having endured a couple of days sore throat and now reaching for tissues because my nose is streaming. […]
21st November 2017

First Steps to Health

Gut microbiome is the basis of your health. Suggestied guidelines for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gut microbiome friendly food to grab in town.