I have a special interest in nutrition. What we eat has a profound effect on our wellbeing. The food is simply our building blocks, repair medium and energy source. I don’t think that a specific diet suits everyone. We are individuals and our needs are based on our genetics, age, state of health and our environment. This is why people will get very different advice from me.

Last few years I have especially concentrated on helping people to improve their gut microbiome, which is involved in digestion, (auto)immunity, neurotransmitter production and hormonal balance.

There is a lot of information about useful supplements and recommended food stuffs. Your friend might have felt great benefits from something and is eager for you to take the same route. Some of the information is based on questionable sources. The amount of information we are bombarded with today can leave anyone confused.

My underlying principle is that I try to make it as easy as possible for you. That doesn’t mean that it is easy every time. I am always seeking your approval for the measures. The best advice is worthless, unless it’s followed. It is your choice at what pace you want to proceed. To cut to the chase I always use Kinesiology as my tool to help you with your nutritional enquires. Our bodies know what they need.